DBF Viewer 2000
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DBF Viewer 2000 v4.55 - Fast DBF Viewer and DBF Editor

The latest release adds preview to append command, improves exporting dbf to oracle.

For the most powerful and versatile database editing and viewing tool, look no further than DBF Viewer 2000! DBF Editor is simple to use and has been developed for users of all skill levels, from absolute beginners through to expert database professionals. DBF Viewer 2000 is the ideal utility for editing and viewing databases created by all of the leading database tools, including dBase III & IV, Clipper, dBase Level 7, FoxPro, FoxBASE, Visual FoxPro, Visual Dbase and Hiper-Six as well as many more.

DBF Viewer 2000 is able to handle large dbf file, and works fast. In addition, DBF Viewer 2000 provides administrators the ability to manage databases directly and without the need for drivers to allow for independent accessibility to the data which they contain. This saves time and resources and will boost your database team's productivity.

Using DBF Viewer 2000, you can edit, read and view, perform sorting and print the contents of your DBF files, including running extensive queries against the data. You can also perform extensive management tasks on your database files and the tables therein, including exporting data to a range of industry-standard formats, such as DBF, CSV, Excel, TXT, XML, PRG, RTF and HTML. More than this, you can also export data to SQL scripts for use in MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL. Database professionals can quickly read and edit database files, including edit the memo fields in a range of formats, including dBase III & IV, FoxPro, DB2k and VFP formats as well as applying appropriate formatting commands and instructions. DBF Viewer 2000 provides a powerful tool set which includes features such as duplicate file removal, file optimization, search and replacement, command line support, deleted file recovery, multi-level undo and redo as well as sorting statistics. In other words, all the usual database management tasks can be performed directly from within DBF Viewer 2000.

DBF Viewer 2000 is a powerful tool kit for database administrators and managers. Using DBF Viewer 2000, you will save a lot of time, improve productivity and maintain high standards of database integrity and availability.

HiBase Group is a provider of software products for viewing, editing and recovery of DBF databases since 2002. Organizations and companies from around the world use HiBase Group solutions to automate time-consuming database maintenance tasks and improve business processes. For more information, please visit to http://www.dbf2002.com

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