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HiBase Task Scheduler: FAQ

What is hierarchical scheduler?
Hierarchical scheduler is system, in which the task may be described as tree of targets (subtasks). Each purpose solves certain portion of the problem. Relationship of subtasks is showed in the manner of hierarchies. It is the types of the running (sequential or simultaneous).

What's new in the current version?
You can find in our News page

Which operating systems are supported?
HiBase Task Scheduler is working on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003.

Can I send suggestions for new functions?
Yes, of course! Please send your suggestions to E-mail scheduler@dbf2002.com

Can it run under something other than the system account?
The tasks are executing on behalf of authorized user.

Could we upgrade HiBase Task Scheduler from one license to another?
Please, contact us and we will send to you necessary information.

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