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The program allows you to schedule various tasks. The plan of tasks is shown as a tree, in which the each item describe the part of a common task. Such model of scheduling define sequential and parallel actions of the system.

Features of HiBase Task Scheduler

  • Multi-threaded - Multiple operations (tasks) can occur simultaneously
  • Execute and automatically control programs (Windows or DOS)
  • Running applications, execute files using Windows file associations
  • Logoff, restart, shutdown or power off windows
  • Text reminders and requests for continuation of the operation
  • Execution of operations with files: copy, move, delete, synchronizing
  • Build-in ZIP compression allows to organize backup procedures quickly
  • Support windows script host (JScript, VBScript) and batch files
  • Operation with windows (show, hide, close, etc)
  • Send striking of keys in window
  • Remote dialing / hung up
  • Force termination of processes
  • Supports international date formats
  • You can combine calendar dates, days of month/week, times of a day and number of executions per day
  • The journal of the messages is conducted for each tree item (for each subtask).
  • The log bookkeeping allows to note statistical parameters such as launch time, execution time, the following start time for each subtask.
  • The return code of each subtask will be registered.
  • Compatible with all 32 bit Windows operating systems
  • Free support and upgrades to registered users

All this allows to simplify the input and analysis of interaction between modules in the complicated schedules.

Save money and the personal time by means of HiBase Task Scheduler when automating and the planning the complex interconnected problems.

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