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HiBase Task Scheduler is all about planning and scheduling. The completely reasonable striving for the automation and scheduling of everything with this software can be realized the most natural way.

Single task for scheduling is created through a simple and clear wizard, where you can set the day(s) and time(s) when task is to be executed. The innovative graphical controls allow setting up the days and times with a single mouse click (by the word, I think, some big and well-known programs might as well adopt this cool thing). Inside a task, any number of actions can be scheduled. The possible action types cover just about all you can do with your computer "by hands": Running programs, file operations, Windows log off or computer shutdown; you can even send some "keypress" imitations to particular windows. The actions and sub-actions inside a task can be set up to be run one-by-one (as a sequence) or all at the same time (parallel execution). Every available action provides you with many useful options (like copy only newest files for file synchronization or wait while program executed for program runner). Other than that, the task execution can be controlled (or commented) by custom queries and messages.

All-all-all those tasks you do every day with oaths ("Why it doesn't that work without me???") would now be done automatically, as you wish.

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