DBF Repair Tool Helps “Jason & Co” to Automate DBF Recovery


Jason & Co was founded in 2001. It’s a small business company with six members of personnel who deal with insurance claims on a regular basis. In their work, they depend on several databases with critical data that the company has collected over 7 years. Sometimes databases get damaged. When this happens, it influences business productivity as the employees cannot carry on their job as they normally do and there is a risk of losing years of hard data collection. In most cases, the corruptions occur as a DBF file is being saved. Usually Jason & Co goes to a recovery lab and hires a specialist. Lately it became rather expensive as the company started three new databases and corruptions became rather frequent. The company turned to DBF Recovery as a more economical solution that enables automatic database recovery without the need to outsource.


DBF Recovery is a computer application specially designed for automatic recovery of databases in the DBF format. DBF Recovery enables anyone – a home or corporate user to repair a corrupted database effortlessly. Unlike similar software, the application does not rely on external ODBC or BDE drivers. Instead, it accesses a database directly which means data records and database structures are analyzed more accurately, and there are more chances for all data to be recovered. As distinct from the others, DBF Recovery scans and repairs actual data records, as well as the headers.


Now, Jason & Co uses DBF Recovery to repair all occurrences of database corruption automatically. Because there’s no need to hire specialists from recovery labs, the company can save its budget for other business needs. Another benefit is confidentiality. Repairing a corrupted database automatically while still in the company means that they do not have to share confidential data with anyone outside the company. "Now we can recover data from our own premises without going to recovery specialists. All data is recoverable – no matter what the circumstances. Last time it took us only two minutes to repair a damaged database and we got it back up and running before our customers could find it out. The cost of the product is fairly affordable"

- Terry Malkovich, CEO, Jason and Co.

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