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DBF Recovery v2.0: Reliable and Affordable DBF Repair Tool

Although the DBF format may not be the trendiest thing around these days, it still lies in the foundation of a plethora of applications working with crucial data in a great many of organizations around the world. No matter how advanced and fault-tolerant the hardware base may be, accidents do happen. And that is the case when the resuscitation of your database and the recovery of your valuable data depend on the tools you use. If you are firmly intended to find a perfect solution for DBF repair once and for all, look no further. DBF Recovery from HiBase Group has the answers to all of your questions.

Seattle, WA, USA. March 25, 2008: HiBase Group is glad to announce the release of a new version of DBF Recovery, a popular tool for repairing damaged DBF files. Taking much after it successful predecessor, the new version delivers beyond it and offers an amazing level of recovering automation and accuracy. The new version can now remove unlinked memo blocks and possesses advanced command line functionality.

DBF Recovery from HiBase group is an affordable and highly efficient remedy for database crashes and data corruption. This software recovers seemingly lost data and, unlike the majority of competitors, runs a deep analysis of the database structure in an attempt to fix it completely. A simple and clear interface of DBF Recovery makes it possible for virtually all categories of users to repair databases on their own. The creators of DBF Recovery tried to automate as many procedures as possible, and now the product requires minimal input from the user, which saves your time and minimizes the risk of human errors. The application integrates into the Windows context menu to give you fast access to the database recovery functions from anywhere on your computer.

The application supports all specific file formats used by the most popular database management systems, such as Clipper, Dbase III/IV, Foxbase, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro, Visual dBase Level 7 and others. Once pointed to a corrupted dbf file or files (simultaneous recovery of multiple files is supported), DBF Repair Tool determines its format and starts the recovery process, which may take some time depending on the database size. Recovery of DBF files with memo or binary data fields stored in DBT or FPT files is also fully supported.

In a nutshell, DBF Recovery is a must-have for any professional system or database administrator, as well as for regular users who would like to be protected from unexpected accidents, such as data loss after a database corruption. Ease of use, flexibility and rich functionality make this product one of the leaders in its class and a great value for your money.

Pricing and Availability
DBF Recovery supports Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 and Vista operating systems and can be purchased as part of the DBF Tools bundle or individually. A personal license costs only $79.95, whereas a business and site license are priced at $99.95 and $249.95, respectively. A personal license gives you the right to use DBF Recovery for non-commercial purposes only in non-business, non-commercial environments (typically - on your home PC). Otherwise, you should purchase a business license for each system the application will be used on. Finally, a site license allows you to install the software on as many computers in your company as needed. Purchasing a licensed copy of DBF Recovery gives you several advantages, the main ones being immediate software activation, full access to technical support (including manual recovery) and unlimited free future updates.

About Hibase Group
Hibase Group was founded in 2002 by a group of software developers and has focused on developing utilities for DBF databases. The HiBase team has strong programming skills, solid development experience and the desire to create products that their customers will truly enjoy.

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