Convert CSV to TSV

TSV is rather a common format to represent table data. Along with CSV they form the majority of plaint-text data-exchange formats. Hence the frequent need to convert CSV to TSV. Of course, manual conversion is not an option. You’d be mad long before you finish at least one file. And what if you need to convert hundreds of CSV file to the TSV format?

Surely, you should look towards automatic tools, but not all of them are equal. CSV to TSV conversion is rather simple yet it has its specifics and nuances. Character set, encoding, regional and language settings in the system, comma symbol escaping – the tool should take this all into account. Moreover, even automated conversion of CSV files one by one into the TSV format is often too time-consuming.

Advanced CSV Converter lets you deal with the task quickly and easily. Load a bunch of CSV files into the program, select TSV as an output format and in a while all the files end up converted.

csv to tsv

You can also schedule conversion of CSV to TSV with Advanced CSV Converter thanks to the built-in support for command line execution.

CSV to TSV conversion via Command Line

"c:\Program Files\CSV Converter (x86)\csvcnv.exe" file.csv file.tsv [/FILTER | /WFILTER | /COLUMNS | /LOG]

Simple CSV to TSV conversion

"c:\Program Files (x86)\CSV Converter\csvcnv.exe" myfile.csv mytsv.tsv

Convert CSV to TSV with columns selection

"c:\Program Files\CSV Converter\csvcnv.exe" sample.csv table.tsv /COLUMNS:FIRSTNAME,ADDR

Convert CSV to TSV with UTF-8 encoding

"c:\Program Files\CSV Converter\csvcnv.exe" sample.csv table.tsv /utf8

CSV to TSV batch conversion

"c:\Program Files\CSV Converter\csvcnv.exe" c:\sourcedir\*.csv c:\destdir\ /TOTSV


Updated Wed, 08 May 2024

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