Search in DBF file

You may searching for records meeting the specified parameters.

To set criteria for searching records, click Edit | Find menu, or click the corresponding icon on the toolbar. Find dialog box opens.

Find in DBF File

Set the criteria for necessary fields and click OK.

To find next entry, click Edit | Find Next menu, or click F3.

You can use the following meta symbols in search expressions:

  • ? - any character in current position
  • * - any characters after '*'
  • *aa - search "aa" in any position
  • b$ - match b at end of field

ExampleMatchesDoesn't Match

Macros empty() allows find records with empty fields

! find with not equal value

Example: !Peter

records with field not equal Peter


records with not empty field.

multiple search criteria:

peter or john or mike

You can also set range for date/Timestamp fields and all numeric types.


Updated Mon, 15 Jul 2024

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