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Export DBF Files

You may export your dbf file to a variety of formats.

To save/export a DBF file, open File | Save as/Export menu, or right-click and select Export to command, or click the corresponding icon on the toolbar.

Select the location and format of the exported file and click Save. The available formats are: DBF, Text, SQL, PRG, CSV, XLS, XLSX (MS Excel), XML,  SDF, RTF and HTML. Export to dialog box opens


  • Select the fields to be exported and specify their order using up and down arrows.
  • Select a field delimiter for the resulting table (only for text/csv files)

See also: DBF to XLS (Excel), DBF to CSV, DBF to SQL, DBF to MySQL,DBF to XML, Filtering recordsSorting records in dbf file, Command line options


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