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DBF Converter allows you convert a single dbf file or folder with dbf files to SQL script (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle) from GUI or command line.

1. Select the dbf file (or select folder for batch conversion).
2. Select the output sql file.

dbf to sql conversion

3. Preview, select options for sorting, filtering data (if necessary)

You can also select/unselect columns, set order for columns. common options

4. Select options for sql format: SQL Syntax (MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL), rows delimiter (if necessary), and click "Finish" SQL file format options

DBF to SQL conversion via command line

"c:\Program Files\DBF Converter\dbfcnv.exe" file.dbf myscript.sql [/MYSQL | /ORACLE | /MSSQL | /FILTER | /COLUMNS | /COLUMNSLIST | /REVERSE | /SORTBY | /LOG]

Simple DBF to SQL conversion

"c:\Program Files\DBF Converter\dbfcnv.exe" mybase.dbf myscript.sql /MYSQL /COLUMNS:Name,Addr

Convert folder with dbf files to MySQL script

"c:\Program Files\DBF Converter\dbfcnv.exe" c:/base/*.dbf c:/script/ /TOSQL /MYSQL

Convert multiple dbf files to Oracle

"c:\Program Files\DBF Converter\dbfcnv.exe" c:/base/*.dbf c:/script/ /TOSQL /ORACLE

Convert DBF to MySQL with selected columns

"c:\Program Files\DBF Converter\dbfcnv.exe" file.dbf mybase.sql /MYSQL


"c:\Program Files\DBF Converter\dbfcnv.exe" file.dbf mybase.sql /MSSQL

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Updated Mon, 20 Jun 2022

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