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Repair DBF file

To repair a single dbf file you need to follow three easy steps.

Step 1. First, you need to choose the dbf file you need to repair. To do this you can either push the "Browse" button and find the file you need or type the path to the file directly into the "Source file for recovery" field.

Step 2. Next, you are to specify the output file name in "Output file" field. You can keep the source file name or enter a new one.

Step 3. Finally, you simply click the "Start recovery" button to start the recovery process. As soon as the program recovers the corrupted file, a fixed file is generated.

The program window offers a choice of two additional functions:

One of them concerns the repairing conditions: you can choose whether the program should recover deleted records in the corrupted DBF file or not.

Another one makes the program usage more convenient: it allows you to minimize the progam window to tray.

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