Export DBF to HTML

Converting DBF tables to HTML is not an everyday task, but still there are many users struggling to do this with minimum hassle and maximum performance. In this article, we explain how to convert DBF to HTML.

There are several ways to export data from a DBF file to HTML. However, each of the methods is not ideal and has some disadvantages. For example, while Microsoft Excel can open DBF files and save them to other formats, the application has a limitation on the number of records you can convert this way.

Other standard tools often demonstrate poor performance. Are you willing to wait a few hours to convert DBF to HTML? Probably not.

Manual exporting of DBF to HTML from GUI

To export DBF to HTML manually, start DBF Viewer 2000. Open the DBF file you want to convert using the File | Open menu.

In the File menu click the Save as/Export item, then select HTML as a destination file type and click Save button.

Save As HTML

This should open the HTML exporting dialog. Here, you can select DBF fields you want to include into the final HTML file or adjust exporting options.

Export DBF to HTML Screenshot

Here is how you can fine-tune the conversion to HTML.

  • Table/Form. Select the exporting mode. Table mode exports the entire contents of the DBF file into a single table. The Form mode exports contents as a set of individual tables which is useful for forms.
  • Save record number as first column of the table. If on, the program will add an incremental number to each exported row.
  • Maximum records on the page. You can split the contents to multiple pages. Each page will contain no more lines than the specified number.
  • Border. Set the width of the border.
  • No wrap. Disable wrapping of table contents.
  • View/Print out when export done. You can open the resulting file immediately after export, or print it.
  • Set filter. This button allows you to export records based on some filtering criteria.

DBF to HTML Command Line

"c:\Program Files (x86)\DBF Viewer 2000\dbview.exe" sample.dbf /EXPORT:sample.html [/FILTER | /WFILTER | /REVERSE | /COLUMNS | /FROMRECORD | /SORTBY:field]

Important: you should specify full paths to both files if you want to use this command in a batch file.


Updated Wed, 11 Jan 2023