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Menu File

Menu File in DBF Viewer 2000

New command

Hot key: Ctrl-N

Displays the New dialog for creating a DBF file.

Open command

Hot key: Ctrl-O

Displays the open dialog for opening the existing DBF file.

Multiple selection is available.

See also: Opening DBF files

Apend To command

Appends records from current file to other DBF file.

Append command

Hot key: Shift-A

Appends records from Text files (comma separated, tab separated or other) or Excel (XLS,XLSX), Paradox, DBF files

Save As/Export command

Hot key: Ctrl-S

Displays the export dialog: export to DBF, Text , PRG, CSV, XLS, XML, SQL, SDF, HTML, RTF files

See also: Export dbf files to other formats

Save order command

Hot key: Ctrl-F2

Save records as displays order

See also: Sorting records in dbf file

Modify command

Modify DBF file structure: Add fields, Delete and editing fields

Hotkey: Ctrl-M

See also: Modifying dbf file structure

Print command

Hotkey: Ctrl-P

Prints records from file. If you want to print not all columns, select the necessary columns on the Fields Info dialog (Shift-F2).

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