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Menu Edit

Menu Edit in DBF Viewer 2000


Add command


Adds a new record to the end of dbf file.

Insert command


Inserts a new record to dbf file before the current record.

Duplicate record command

Hot key: Ctrl-F5

Adds information from current record to the end of dbf file

Find command

Hot key: F7,Ctrl-F

Displays find dialog (Query by example) for searching from the first record in table.

You can set search string for each field separately. You can also use the F7 key for start search.

See also : Find records in dbf file


Replace command

Hot key: Ctrl-R

Displays replace dialog for replacing field in records, you can set wildcard for field.


See also:  Replacing records in dbf file


Fill command

Hot key: Ctrl-L

Fills records in selected fields by wither constant or record number.


Delete/Recall record command

Hot key: Del

Marks or Unmarks record as deleted.


Truncate command

Hot key: Ctrl-T

Deletes records from the file after the current record


Remove record

Hot key: Ctrl-F8

Remove current record from dbf file.



Pack menu

All Hot key: Shift-P

Erases all records marked as deleted.


Only memo

Allows you pack only memo file.


Zap command

Removes all records

Hot key: Ctrl-Z


Goto Record command

Displays dialog for inputting the record number (1-N, where N- records count in file)

Hot key: Ctrl-G