Using Menu View

Menu View in DBF Viewer 2000

Record View command

View records as form

Hot key: Ctrl-V

Unsorted command

Hot key: Ctrl-U

View records as ordered in file

Hide deleted

Hot key: Shift-H

Hide deleted records (work as filter)

Only deleted

Hot key: Shift-D

View only deleted records (work as filter)

Refresh command

Hot key: Shift-Ctrl-R

re-read DBF file, useful for shared files

Fields Info command

Hot key: Shift-F2

Displays fields info dialog (field name, fields type, field size)

For print fields description (dbf file structure) press button "Print"

Select/Unselect command

Hot key: Ins

You can mark or unmark record as selected

Only selected command

Allows you to see selected records (work as filter)

Statistics command

Hot key: Shift-S

Displays statistics dialog: Min, Max, Average, Sum for each field.

For characters fields: min and max length.

Use OEM characters

Hot key: F12

If set ON use OEM characters(DOS) else use ANSI characters(Windows)

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